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Since 2003. Product of Oregon. The purpose of Blinkin Studios is to make games that are fun and unoffensive.

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  Tardis Sounds

Tardis Sounds is a game that started as a simple soundboard app, and was a test program to see how things worked using while learning to use Gamemaker Studio. Enjoy!

Shoot meteors at planets and planetoids, make them grow bigger until they explode with your revelation bombs in your cargo hold. You're going to blow them up and let off some steam! Fight off your space alien neighbors who are trying to destroy your fun (* in progress) by destroying your grids!
  Faith Help Me!

Faith Help Me! is a nondenominational faith based application designed to help counsel those who are in time of need who are struggling with their faith or aspects of it. It is categorized into various help topics with helpful words to attempt to bring encouragement to discouraged people.





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    Test Your Faith

Test Your Faith Lite is a simple game to see if you can muster up your faith to produce a mustard seed! And if so, can you work miracles?

Wait until the timer prompts you, then start praying!! If you're ready before the timer ends, hit the Amen! button to proceed.

Neon Ninja - Lite

The Neon Ninja, copyright 1991 Eric Sahlstrom. Conversion from PC beta version to Android game. This is the first version and VERY beta. This version may disappear from the market to heavily tweak or change features.

This game is based on the comic of the same name created by Eric Sahlstrom. The story is you are playing Jin Haik the Neon Ninja who has special powers that include solidifying light to form weapons or shields. You are attempting to rescue your friend Michael, and your village from enemy attack.

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Now available! MOLECUWAR! (for Droid mobile only)
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Below are projects I've been focusing on. There are other projects I've had to remove from this page, as the ideas have been stolen by other companies. (hence removal of upcoming projects until they are ready) Coming soon will be a sales page.

6-1-2007 (6-12-2012 update)
The Neon Ninja game is being completely revamped from scratch. I hired artist Julio Cesar to redraw my sprites, and I am well pleased to show the results! New demo coming soon! (Scroll down for a few updated pics)
The following project photos are now updated, and are preliminary shots...older photos are below. Click HERE to download! (update 6-17-2012 PLEASE NOTE that this game demo IS STILL AVAILABLE for PC only)

The game has come a long way suddenly, in a short time! Stay tuned for more progress!

The first game, Neon Ninja, is in development here at Blinkin Studios!


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