Will Tardis Sounds return?


Today saw the “death” of yet another Master incarnation of Doctor Who. The Master always lives, always survives! However, so long Michelle Gomez, you had a FANTASTIC turn at playing Missy/the Master and I will miss your appearances!

So in the spirit of regeneration, I am announcing I am going to attempt to revive Tardis Sounds. It will be different. It will have a different name (which will be announced here) … If all goes well, it will be the 3d adventure I was aiming for at the last, made in Unity, once I get it learned better. It may be a while. For the meantime of course, you can still download the older version of the fully released Gold version, it won’t harm your device, there’s no more ads on it and everything’s just as it was. ¬†Perhaps in time for the Christmas episode, I may have it ready (perhaps long before then?) ? We shall see.

Happy Fourth!

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