Questions about John Hurt’s Doctor

OK so all you wardrobe people have been enjoying the new Wardrobe room for the past few weeks.. one question that has come up has been about the *new* doctor.. and I don’t mean Peter Capaldi. I’m talking about John Hurt. John Hurt was revealed a year ago to be a *missing* Doctor, whose identity was not revealed until the 50th anniversary show. In that episode / show it was shown that his regeneration was a subset of Paul McGann’s, so realistically he could be called “8.5”.. an extended, older version of Paul McGann. ¬†When the recent era of Doctor Who began in 2005, Chris Eccleston’s Doctor was always called 9th, including Paul McGann’s as the 8th, then David Tennant’s as 10th, and Matt Smith’s Doctor confirmed in tv canon as the ELEVENTH, with Peter Capaldi being the 12th Doctor (yes yes 13 regenerations, thank you Time Lords, thank you for another set of 12 regenerations for the Doctor, that played out exactly as I predicted) .. Again, according to the show’s canon “I did not call myself The Doctor” and indeed the credits list John Hurt as The War Doctor.

“You can’t just go back and rewrite history.. it’s a fixed point!” so that’s why I decided not YET – to include John Hurt in either the picture galleria or for the Wardrobe room though I loved his outfit. I will include him – somewhere, sometime, as soon as a: I get the graphics and b: I can figure out how to smoosh all the buttons together without having it look weird. Original plan was/is still to put buttons along the top for the complete ensemble for each Doctor, I just haven’t had time to get it all together yet.

So! No whining, no complaining, ESPECIALLY in comments on Google Play (changing, rerating in a huff, etc) .. that’s my number one pet peeve. Comments like that should be addressed HERE, where change can be much more easily read and implemented.
(edit 12-19-2014) … and for the moment, I’m not adding him to the roster, but now that I have more room with the ads move as of 4.7.1, I may reconsider that.

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