Wow that’s a deep hole.. almost done

Sooo… when I originally designed Tardis Sounds, it was in a standard orientation in a vertical format.. straight up and down, just squeezed into a tall box, you see? Then I thought “I’ll get tricky and utilize that vertical space.. but I want my ads to stay where they are” so I turned everything sideways and continued building the game. ..then I built a room that functionally has about 200 buttons in it when all combined sets are calculated (wardrobe room) .. then I put 3d in.. and 3d is where the vertical being sideways stopped looking OK. Soooo now I am re-reverting things back to straight up and down but still in widescreen (as it should have been from the beginning). UGH. The first 10 rooms or so went fine, only took 9(!!) hours to do them and make sure they still look right (I have to re-orient everything including’s not a simple command of rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise) ..but I’m only about 1/2 way done. So I’m working on an update but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be ready this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Maybe late this weekend.. we’ll see how the glitches go. I have to respace everything. EVERYTHING.

//edit 12-15-2014
WOOT, TRANSPARENCY GLITCH is GONE!!!!!!!!!…don’t you hate it when it’s one line of code!?

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