Times Tunnels update, and again soon

I’ll be further updating “Times Tunnels” next week in lieu of the Tardis Sounds suspension. I ┬ádon’t need any more apps suspended, thanks! But it will still be fun to play. At the moment I don’t have time to spend on it, I’m out of town.

—update 3-28-2015—
I updated a small update (I just got back in town last night) to Times’ Tunnels, with a disclaimer about who made the game, etc.. I’ll be adding more colors that were added to Tardis Sounds soon, as well as some other actual vehicles. I’m still deciding what to do as far as offering the files for Tardis Sounds to download and what’s fair for purchaser’s of IAP’s for the game. If I get feedback that I should release all for free then great I’ll do that.. if I get feedback that I should wait a period of time, I will do that instead. You know where to contact me.
PS… IAP .. NEW purchases are no longer available in Times Tunnels. EXISTING purchases, same as Tardis Sounds, are still functional, you just have to press the “Gold Tardis restore purchases” (until I change the graphic) button to verify your purchase.

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