TARDIS SOUNDS – Final Update

There is a Final Update available for Tardis Sounds users. This is the way I’m going to do it: All those who purchased any items from Tardis Sounds will get it first.. the rest will get the available packages on May 1st. (no this is not an April 1st joke) Requirements: You MUST email me for the directory password. To verify that you had purchased something, you should provide an order number to expedite the return reply for the directory password to download the update.

In this final update you can:
Play the game with the Tardis Sounds Guide, *Gold Tardis, and no ads.
Do everything you were able to do in the original game
Search for timekeys
Mix and Match sounds, themes, and clothes
explore the experimental 3d mode (discontinued)
fly the Tardis down the time corridor
enjoy some custom finalized entry graphics.
also if your phone is rooted you can:
Share the game with others
If your phone has a hardware keyboard you may be able to find shortcut keys I had put in for testing.  (most newer phones only I think)
*Gold Tardis must still be “found” on the first screen. Just pick up the key

So just as a final note, development on Tardis Sounds has ceased beyond this final update. You can contact me for the download link at this link.
No need to contact me, just download at the above links or here.

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