Games (links)

Here are a list of games I have made for ANDROID
and now APPLE iPhone and iPad devices.
I may release some of them to Steam in the near future.

Google Play store Link 
(all games except Tardis Sounds)


Apple App Store Link

Individual Games:

Bonnie Counter: a “code word” counting game for fun with me and a friend or two

Faith Help Me: (Android (Apple Store)
a program I wrote for those struggling with issues in the Christian faith.. to help those who are low recover more ably.

Molecuwar: An often misunderstood game, and my first game. It’s a puzzle game.

My Advent Candles: Simple program for observing Advent at Christmastime. New mode includes fireplace and solo candle if you don’t want to get wax on your fingers or gloves (depending on when and where you observe) Also of note, some churches vary in candle color.

My Bubble Pop: (Android (Apple Store) 
We all have days where we just want to POP THE BUBBLE WRAPPING BUBBLES! .. so I made this.. also as of note, my cat hates the real sound but is ok with this app.. go figure.

My Fan: (Android(Apple Store)
I’m surprised how many people use and enjoy this on a daily basis (I see statistics on my Developer page) and it’s such a simple game. If I had more feedback of what to add to it I could make it better.

Neon Ninja: The often attempted to copy and frequently taken down copies, but THIS is the official, and the ONLY, Neon Ninja! Copyright (C) 1991 to present, I keep adding this to try to finish this game but until I can hire a programmer, the levels of what I want to finish remain incomplete.

Tardis Sounds: Removed from the Google Play store by an objection from the BBC, this fan made game was once the most popular Doctor Who app on Google Play with over 100,000 downloads! It remains available with last updates available freely. You may have to create a Mediafire Acct to sign in and download it?

Available NOW for iOS devices! 

Tardis Sounds is here for iOS!
Please note, this one has to be installed manually.

HERE is the best way I’ve been told of how to install Tardis Sounds for iPhone!

Test Your Faith: This is a game designed after the “Test Your Might!” bonus stages of the original Mortal Kombat game, but the Christian version. No chopping blocks here, you are trying to muster up the faith of a mustard seed! Ned Flanders Approved.

Times Tunnels: The remaining game from the game of Tardis Sounds. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time – avoiding all the other collectables from Tardis Sounds and just having the game mode in. Still available, still free, now you navigate Piff to collect and eventually design his own time machine from spare parts found in the time vortex. I never finished this one but that’s what it was supposed to be. Will either remove it or finish that mode for Tardis Sounds.

Twinkies Attack: Admit it, did we actually think Twinkies were going to come back? No.. so I made this game amidst my other games, and never really got back to it. This is really just a prototype and space holder until I could finish the real game.. which might happen someday, but I need more programming skills to make it happen. .. and YES, Twinkies DO have a shelf life, they taste really awful after two months.

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