Times Tunnels update – 2-21-2016

I just wanted to confirm that yes, I am still working on this update after recovering from a medical emergency.

ok, meds are working better now, (EDIT.. when I’m not in withdrawal from a removed medicine.. ugh!!!)  so I’m  I’ll soon feeling more in a mood to work on things again. SOO… I’m going to update Times Tunnels for all you asking what happened to Tardis Sounds. While I can’t use music from Doctor Who, I still have some ideas left that should prove a lot of fun to play with, and I think people will enjoy. Stick around and check back!

Step 1: turn everything sideways like Tardis Sounds was at the end.. hopefully this won’t break everything. (edit.. of course it does!! but once fixed will be better than ever)
Step 2: would you like the wardrobe room back or something else?
Step 3: confirm to all the people who are angry that there is a DeLorean in the game IT’S MY GAME AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT! XD
Step 4: Break everything new that I’m trying to add! 😀

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