Times’ Tunnels update 3-28-2016

When it rains it pours, huh? I have to move out on Apr 15th, to where I dunno, but I’m now out of time to work on this project at the moment, so I’ll be releasing what I have so far and work on the rest when I have a stable place to live again. For the meantime, enjoy the available time vehicles (yes PLURAL) available and the different colors available. I will do my best to get this updated today.



TT2 example

This is one of the things I’m fixing, along with some other, major updates, to the game. Originally, the game, though you always played it horizontally, was set up as a VERTICAL game, in mock sideways setup. I did this so that ads could be more controlled and theoretically less intrusive. It became a pain in the ass as I put more items into the old game and this new one.. especially trying to think sideways and plan sideways.. so I decided it needed to go back to normal. ┬áSo you can see all those old controls (that are gone, replaced by the analog stick) are/were for each controllable time vehicle. In black you can see a new character that has been added who will still utilize the 2d controls.

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