Coming soon – to iPhone!

The other day I was blessed to find a Mac that I can now export my current and future Android games too. So look here for some near future updates!
(* now have a brand NEW iMac 2019 so yaaaayy!)

I have now published my first iPhone game, the existing My Bubble Pop, now available for iPhone!

Check out the GAMES section!

I’ll be updating version 2 of Tardis Sounds here as soon as I can fix some glitches.. sadly it looks like the 3d rooms will have to go away because Gamemaker Studio 2 changed that DRASTICALLY.

I don’t know how many of my games I’ll convert, some aren’t worth the time and effort, but I’ll do some of them I know. If you have requests, drop me a line.

*Tardis Sounds 2 will be upated to Jodie as soon as I get it working again! 😀

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