Faith Help Me Welcome

(edited 6-8-2013)
This is a special welcome to users of Faith Help Me Free and full versions.

First, I want to thank you for downloading the program. I wrote everything in there myself, from my own experiences. If you’ve downloaded this program then I know you must be having a difficulty similar (or different!) than what I myself have gone or am going through. Know that you are NOT alone in your suffering! I am an imperfect person, and some of the words you find in there may not apply to your situation, and I reserve the right to be WRONG on any topic (I am human anyways!). On the other hand, some of the words may be very helpful to you. This is my intent, that they try to be helpful, and that they encourage you to hang in there.

As of 6-8-2013 the program (lite version) has been renamed Faith Help Me Free and it is indeed free. All the same information and objects from the Full version are now in the Free version, only the ads remain, which can be removed for cost of the full program.

Love to you and Peace in Christ Jesus


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