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Here is the short and simple, plain sweet English version of the new Blinkin Studios Privacy Policy. (Other translations can be utilized using Google Translate)
Established 5-22-2014

1: Ad Removal – Ad Removal is an In App Purchase only option for most if not all games and applications published by Blinkin Studios. Ad Removal is NOT available for every product I produce, as such would make some games no longer able to update. Ad Removal removes the ads for a purchase price, from displaying in a game or application. Due to some recent confusion, it must be clarified that the purchase does NOT remove the entire Admob extension from the game as that is a intensive programming process that is an unreachable goal for these programming standards .. some spyware tracking programs will then report (FALSELY!) that there are ads in the game still. Technically this is true but really it is NOT as I will explain:  It simply is not possible to remove that entire Admob SDK out of the game package (it’s included as a whole) …. that would be like ripping apart the whole game and trying to piece it back together and .. the whole thing would just break or there would have to be two separate programs and a MUCH greater cost to you. We’re not Apple, we’re not going there. So in closing, Ad Removal is only intended to prevent ads from displaying.

2: What we use, what we see, what we don’t see etc – Nothing. WE, Blinkin Studios, do NOT collect any information from the user. Period. We’re not interested in it, we don’t want it. ( We do want ad revenue but that goes through Google Admob )
That’s not to say that GOOGLE, or ADMOB, do not! Please do not misunderstand! Please see Google Admob’s privacy policy for more information. What I see through ad services or bug reports as provided by users, is Countries of origin, phone model and type, what operating system is used, total number of users in a day, week or month, and total sessions played for numbers of users in a day, week, or month (as provided via Admob).
No personal identification is provided to me, even in purchases. In short, I don’t care.
UPDATE: 2-7-2017
Google has informed me that “Phone_read_state” or something similar could possibly be read as “storing your contacts or getting your contact info” .. I interpreted that setting to be for “hey is the phone ringing, ok answer it”

3: User information – Google Play services – Some games are starting to use Google Play services such as Leaderboards. This is information that is controlled by YOU. You don’t have to use it and can deny it if you want. I’m still learning how to implement leaderboards and achievements, so this is still developing. Again, Blinkin Studios is uninterested in selling your information.

4: User information – Billing and payments – The only information that is shared between Google Wallet and Blinkin Studios is an amount of the transaction, a postal code and an order number. All other information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, are strictly confidential between you and Google Wallet or your mobile company, of which I see nothing.
Again, no personal information is ever exchanged to me as a third party from Google. You pay them, they pay me. (And actually it kinda sucks for me ’cause I gotta wait to get paid!)

5: Refunds – Refunds are generally not given unless a genuine problem that cannot be fixed with an update within the user’s device or game is found. Password protecting your phone to prevent unauthorized purchases from a family member or other person or persons is not the responsibility of Blinkin Studios, it is the responsibility of the device owner. Fraudulent refunds will be considered on a case by case basis in accordance with the Google TOS.

Copyright 2014 Blinkin Studios.

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