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*** Arrow Buttons Stop Momentarily ***
I just discovered this with my tablet, and it’s not a Tardis Sounds glitch, it’s actually and Android feature and will vary from tablet to tablet.
In Settings (on your Android device) go to Language and InputPOINTER SPEEDincrease it.

***Transparency / Ghostly images in Tardis Sounds (or other games), primarily going into the Wardrobe room*** May affect SOME users (not all).
(Just discovered 6-8-2014) (EDITED 11-23-2014)

(FIXED in newest version TBR as of Dec 12-15-2014)

There is a glitch in the Admob SDK in GameMaker Studio in the code that I have been using that assigns random transparency values to random objects after displaying an interstitial ad (still trying to find the culprit, but looks like a different object). The mannequin and clothes are NOT supposed to look like a ghost!!

I found this out after verifying that the game works (didn’t show up in testing because it doesn’t show ads then) and getting all 12 keys, then going to the wardrobe room.
Unfortunately I cannot fix this immediately until I work out the new IAP system in the new updates of GameMaker Studio, but I will be working on it this week. (I AM still trying to get it fixed)
There are three workarounds… Please understand, this is NOT an intentional glitch whatsoever.
1: Wait until I can get an update working.
For Gold users, you can bypass the keys entirely and enter the wardrobe room at the start, that will prevent the transparency glitch from occurring at that point.
For regular users, you can now collect all the timekeys and it should no longer do the transparency.
EDIT 11-23-2014
I’ve since discovered this is NOT an ads related issue.
Turns out it was a line of code in the analog controls that was setting alpha transparency in places it should not have.

***AD Removal Not Working! (added 5-12-2014) 

I had a complaint earlier today of Ad Removal not working after purchase. I thoroughly tested this, including paying a friend to purchase the ad removal and test through his device and I confirmed that it is indeed functioning as intended. If there are ads still coming up there are a few possibilities, the primary one being that A: Google didn’t properly install the License Key for the purchased product. Another possibility is B: You don’t have the most updated version of Tardis Sounds, and it’s conflicting with the Google Server information. What you should do in either case is: On your Android device, Go to Settings, Apps, click Tardis Sounds and then click to Clear Data and then Clear Cache. This will remove all settings for Tardis Sounds (don’t worry, purchased information will still be on Google’s Servers!) .. now click “Uninstall” and then reboot the phone. Now reinstall Tardis Sounds. Upon starting the program again make sure you have a good internet connection, because the game will be contacting Google to verify licensing information and purchase information. Everything should now be working as intended.

Prior to version 3.7.3, I did have the Exit commands send you to this blog upon quitting the game, so I don’t know if that is considered “being an ad” but it has been replaced with an optional button.

*** AD -Entfernung funktioniert nicht! ( hinzugefügt 2014.05.12 )
Ich hatte heute früh eine Beschwerde von Ad -Entfernung nach dem Kauf nicht funktioniert. Ich dies gründlich getestet , darunter einen Freund zahlen , um den Werbebanner-und Test durch sein Gerät zu kaufen und ich bestätigt, dass es tatsächlich wie vorgesehen funktionieren . Wenn es immer noch Anzeigen kommen gibt es ein paar Möglichkeiten , die primäre ist, dass A: Google hat nicht richtig installieren Sie den Lizenzschlüssel für das gekaufte Produkt . Eine andere Möglichkeit ist B: Sie haben nicht die aktuellste Version von Tardis Sounds , und es ist mit dem Google- Server Informationen widersprüchlich. Was sollten Sie in jedem Fall zu tun ist : Auf Ihrem Android-Gerät , gehen Sie auf Einstellungen, Apps , klicken Sie auf Tardis Sounds und dann auf Daten löschen klicken und dann auf Cache löschen. Dadurch werden alle Einstellungen für Tardis Sounds zu entfernen (keine Sorge , kaufte Informationen werden noch auf den Google- Servern sein ! ) .. Jetzt klicken Sie auf “Deinstallieren” und dann starten Sie das Telefon . Jetzt neu installieren Tardis Sounds . Nach dem Start des Programms wieder zu machen , dass Sie eine gute Internetverbindung , denn das Spiel wird sich mit Google, um Lizenzinformationen überprüfen und die Kaufdaten . Jetzt sollte alles funktionieren wie vorgesehen.

Vor Version 3.7.3 , ich hatte die Ausfahrt Befehle zu senden Sie zu diesem Blog beim Beenden des Spiels, so dass ich nicht weiß, ob das gilt als “Sein eine Anzeige “, aber es hat mit einem optionalen Taste ersetzt.

***ANR Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.SCREEN_OFF flg=0x400…” *** [My Fan]
This occurs mostly in MY FAN, and typically occurs when the Android OS powers off the screen and the game tries to go “Wait! I’m still running!” .. this has been fixed in a recent update to My Fan, where you can press the button to manually keep the screen awake.

***java.lang.NullPointerException in android.webkit.AccessibilityInjector$TextToSpeechWrapper$1.onInit***
[My Fan]

Essentially, someone tried to use text to speech on the game. NONE of my games support this, sorry!

*** java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError in java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary*** (specifically, java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn’t load openal: findLibrary returned null )
[My Fan]
UNINSTALL, CLEAR CACHE, REBOOT,  REINSTALL. This error typically occurs when, in attempt to keep file sizes low, I have unchecked certain build options x86, MIPS, Armv5, Amrv7 etc and your phone installs the wrong version. The method shown above is how you should be able to correct it. The other thing that can cause this is a customized rom other than a factory rom image for your phone or device. If this IS the case, I recommend trying a different rom.


[Below here, most errors shown below are for Tardis Sounds]

***GAME DOESN’T WORK (general failure) *** / *** UNKNOWN ERROR CODE ***
Sometimes a download will fail and only have a tiny piece wrong with it that keeps it from running properly. Sometimes it will leave “marks” that prevent it being used properly. Please follow the above advice.

Also, versions prior to 3.1.1 *may* have a version conflict due to engine changes in the engine I use to create Tardis Sounds. (As of 3.1.1 we are on a very stable, new engine so things *should* be much smoother from here on out.) IF you had a version prior to 3.1.1 that crashes on load, you NEED to uninstall fully, and reinstall. This WILL fix the problem.

**Crash on loading screen**
I recently received a report of a Galaxy S phone model i9000m not working. That’s essentially the same phone my old one (a Samsung Galaxy Vibrant) is. I just tested mine and updated it, and it works properly. Also getting notes that on some phones it crashes on startup. PLEASE NOTE: UPDATING A COMMENT TO ALERT ME TO AN ISSUE LIKE THIS – DOES NOT WORK!!!  It DOES NOT alert me to the problem! It DOES tick me off!! YOU have the power to get this fixed and corrected, but in order to do this, YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME DIRECTLY!

Ok that noted, there are some things to try to get it to work: Did it work before, and if so, what version did it STOP working? What is your operating system? Mine is 4.2 (custom rom by Nelson Giordano); I also have a phone with 4.3 to test with.

**White Squares**
If you are having the game come up with white squares, your phone may not have a GPU processor powerful enough to process the images and sprites in the game. This game will not work on your phone if this is the issue.

Tardis Sounds does not yet have a direct save feature to the internal phone memory. This is a security issue. HOWEVER, there is a way to do it, which I have enabled. The workaround is to click the SAVE SOUNDS button inside the game, and it will take you to a URL where you can download the sound files manually. This directory is regularly updated and has multiple formats.

**I Can’t Get the Gold Tardis to work!”
You have to purchase the Gold Tardis, it’s not free and will not work without purchase.
After purchasing it, close Tardis Sounds and reopen, and Google will complete and confirm the purchase. Afterwards, when you want to change to the GOLD Tardis, just click the button. The Gold Tardis allows less health damage to occur in Adventure mode, and in the near future, will allow quicker collection of new features.

**ERROR 619** (aka “Unable to get a valid license, please ensure that you have purchased this product” )
This occurs as a communication error in Google’s Play activation servers. To amend this issue, you must do a variety of things: Go to where you uninstall the app, but first CLEAN THE CACHE.. uninstall, REBOOT, then reinstall. You may also need to clear your phone browser’s cache as well. Anything “dirty” or partially downloaded will be clear and you can do a clean install of it again (aren’t you glad I don’t have phone game saves that rely on that particular information yet??)  to your phone. This should get it working again. Hungry Shark Evolution had the same problem on my friend’s phone the other day, and this fixed it.
If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Google at (US number) 1-855-836-3987 option 3, option 1. or click here for their number if you’re not in the USA.

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    • December 25, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      I’m sorry but I’m not going to answer questions about timekeys. That ruins the fun for everyone if I just blab where they all are. (It’s also what the Guide is for) .. I can tell you that the first 4 are in the first part of the game, while the others you have to explore much more.
      I can tell you that if you’ve ONLY found 4 (there are presently 12 available and maybe more in the future) then you haven’t searched around, you haven’t pressed all the buttons and found all there is in the game. There are many objects that you might not expect are “buttons” that is, if you click them, they might do something. Or Explode. Or take you to (GASP!) new areas! So as I often say, keep pressing on! Literally!

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