Lenovo sucks

I had to send back my 5 month old laptop to the manufacturers this week – the hinge broke so badly that it popped up through the case!!! So until I get the laptop back next week or thereafter, there won’t be any updates on anything. LENOVO brand laptops in my opinion, stink!! Anyway, these are some changes I’m looking at coming soon…

(edited 1-20-2013)

——NOTES on LENOVO service —— updated 1-12-2013
As noted above I had to send my laptop in for service at Lenovo. When I sent it in, the left side hinge had bust through the case – not breaking the top plastics but separating the case itself – and had broken part of the side vent grill, which itself had broken off while in my rolling backpack. I took a picture of it before I sent it in. Lenovo’s repair warehouse in Texas took one look at the broken grill, attempted to charge me $180 for the repair (refused), voided my warranty, and sent me the laptop back, unrepaired and still broken. I took a picture of it when it returned and it is exactly the same. The grill work is/was completely unrelated to the repair job that was requested.

I finally got the BBB (Better Business Bureau) involved in my complaint. Suddenly I get a call from Craig at Lenovo, who reluctantly says he can get a repair person out to fix my laptop. Great, send him out, cause I REFUSE to send this thing out and be without for another two weeks for NOTHING. So a week goes by. It’s Christmas by this time, so I expect some delays. I get a call two days after Christmas from a repair guy that he would be here to fix it the coming Saturday (two weeks have now gone by).. I get another call from him that Saturday morning that because he waited too long to pick up the parts, Fedex RETURNED THE PARTS FOR REPAIR. Grr.. Honestly, this is not Fedex’s fault, that is their policy. It’s the schmuck who didn’t call, didn’t arrive and do his job in a timely manner.

Another week of silence goes by.

I finally get a call from a man named Dennis, stationed I think out of Portland Oregon, who has been assigned my case, and calls me up and after working out a schedule (I’m working as a temp with the State in a secured building at this point) and a place to repair it, HE finally gets the job done about 98% (the top left corner of the keyboard is still loose, probably missing a screw, but it’s minor) in just over an hour (should take two or more) – completely disassembling and reassembling the laptop in a whole new plastic case and getting all fixed in record time. Yay!  Good conversation with him too regarding how he’s been in the business for over 30 years and never seen a company f**k up so badly in all his years. We part ways and I go back to my working area fairly happy.

And the story continues…

I was with a broken laptop for a month before Lenovo decided to honor their warranty. In the BBB complaint I asked for reimbursement (or repair) + $20 a day for not having a repaired laptop due to denial of warranty. Honestly I see this as fair.

Yesterday Craig calls me up and asks if there are any other issues. I say the laptop got repaired and I would still like some compensation for all the hassle. All he would offer is a 90 day warranty extension since they evidently cancelled my year warranty, and after prodding him, he refused to compensate me for my time monetarily, but he did offer me a standard battery. Not a extended battery as I requested, which would have been nice and appeased me quite a bit but no, just a standard battery. Craig said “Well you only paid $___for your laptop” (it was on sale at Frys when I bought it) … REALLY? If someone who paid $499, or $999 had encountered these problems, would you EVER say that to them? At this point he’s just picking on the little guy. He then waited for me to say “Thank you” which I would not do, so I ended the call with “Is that it? Ok, have a good day.”

Which is to mean “I hope you don’t have the same problems I’ve had.”

So please don’t EVER buy products from Lenovo!

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